S.T.A.R. System Aluminum Railing & Fencing
  1. Fit railing end into wall clips and secure with self tapping screws.
  2. Attach the wall clips.
  3. Fit corner posts to other end of rail and secure to deck surface.
  4. If railings are long, use support posts based on recommended spacing. (Note: check local building codes.)
  5. Attach rails to end posts using clips as shown and secure self tapping metal screws.
  6. Attach bottom rail support approximately every 4 feet.

Note: All screws must be stainless steel.

Standard railing and fencing colors available*

*Custom colors available upon request.

The Colonial design features a heavy 2-3/4" post with a selection of post tops. The Classic style uses a continuous top rail on a slim 1-3/4" post design.

The patented hinged rail makes it easy to install the stairway rails without custom rail construction. It will allow instant adjustment to any stair angle.

  1. Fit top rail ends into top post "cut outs".
  2. Fit bottom post "cut outs" over bottom rail ends.
  3. Pivot railing down until parallel with stairway stringer and secure to bottom step.
  4. Secure rail ends into posts with self tapping stainless steel screws.