Plastic Vertical Tubing (PVT)
PVT slats are flat tubular plastic extrusions which are inserted into any type of chain link fencing to add beauty and privacy to both sides of the fence. Once installed, PVT slats ae virtually maintenance-free. Salt, sand and road dirt will not harm the slats in any way. Due to the UV inhibited thermo plastic design, PVT slats will not fade, chip or discolor for at least 15 years.

By means of a unique manufacturing process, the locking notch and top end of slat are a fixed distance assuring a straight edge along top of slats.

VANDAL PROOF -- PVT slats have a unique locking feature. Once the horizontal locking strip is in place, the slats cannot be removed from the fence. Where maximum security is desired, a pop rivit can be installed through the horizontal retainer at 4' intervals.

Material Specifications

Size Specifications for PVT Slats

*Heavy galvanized wire may require 1" slat (V)

PVT Slats are available in heights of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 feet!

Max Slats
Maximum Privacy, Quality, Value

For privacy screening,
use PVT

When full privacy is preferred, use Max Slat

The P.V.T. Fence Slats are flat\tubular in shape with a wall thickness of .0030" +/- .03". The slats come in four different widths; 1.0" +/-.030", 1.125" +/-.030", 1.250" +/-.030", and 2.375" +/- .035". The size specification chart above shows the fence mesh to slat width specs. The depth of all four slats is .325" +/- .025". The length of the slats are 2" +/- 1/4" shorter than the height of the chain link fence. The fence slats are manufactured from a combination of quality base high density virgin polyethylene; color pigments, and ultra violet inhibitor, specifically designed to retard the harmful affects of sunlight and lengthen the useful life of the product. The P.V.T. slats have a wind load factor of 75% when installed.

PVT slats carry a full 15 year warranty against fading and breakage under normal use. Write the factory for full warranty information.