#200 - Variation of Style #202 which combines the safety of a top rail with traditional spear points below. A modified 54" version is available in this style too.

#202 - A classic design with a smooth rail on top rather than points. Also available in a 54" height which is modified slightly so the pickets do not extend through the bottom rail to meet certain pool codes without installing a 5' high fence.
Ovation - This two rail fence has a simple design that was specifically created to meet the swimming pool enclosure code drafted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
#302 - Smooth top version of #301 for those who do not want exposed points on their fence, but want the added security of a narrow space between pickets.


Lexington - This distinguished wrought iron design has elegant curves connecting the pickets. Available with standard points or finials centered in the arch.


Concord - Similar to the Lexington, but with pickets between each arch, as well as inside. Pickets may have either standard points or finials.