Our deck systems meet the needs of today's lifestyles while adding aesthetic appeal to any property

  • Simple yet secure installation
  • No rotting, warping or splintering
  • Never needs sealing, staining or painting
  • Skid resistant surface
  • Remains cool to the touch
  • Enhanced safety -- no popping of screw or nail heads
  • Variety of uses including decks, porches and docks
  • Existing deck substructures may be of sufficient strength and in sound enough condition to enable replacement of worn wood boards with our vinyl planks
  • Complements our railing system

Easy to Install

Once the base structure is in place, a deck can be installed in three easy steps.

  1. Line up Deck Planks and screw into place, similar to a wood board.
  2. Snap Deck Fill Pieces into place. Fill pieces even out the surface while concealing the screws.
  3. Slip Deck End Covers over exposed deck plank ends. End covers provide a smooth, finished edge. For an additional finishing touch, fascia boards are available.