Maintenance-Free Vinyl Fencing Systems
Vinyl fencing systems accent your home and enhance your property value with incomparable style and uncompromising quality. Vinyl fencing systems are uniquely designed to offer durability and practicality. But the real beauty is that it requires virtually no upkeep.

Designed to meet YOUR needs
These fence products come in a wide range of sizes, heights, and lengths. That's why it's easy to custom-design a fencing concept to suit your individual needs. It's as simple as calling Metro Fence at (724) 695-8650.


Traditional style vinyl picket fence is durable yet elegant. It creates an ambience of nostalgic style, combined with good old-fashioned American craftsmanship.



Scalloped Narrow Picket

Scalloped Wide Picket



Contemporary style vinyl picket fence designs meet the needs of today's demanding lifestyles. A durable, yet virtually maintenance-free fence adds value and aesthetic appeal to any property.


Straight Narrow Picket
Straight Wide Picket