Maintenance-Free Vinyl Fencing Systems
Vinyl fencing systems accent your home and enhance your property value with incomparable style and uncompromising quality. Vinyl fencing systems are uniquely designed to offer durability and practicality. But the real beauty is that it requires virtually no upkeep.

Designed to meet YOUR needs
These fence products come in a wide range of sizes, heights, and lengths. That's why it's easy to custom-design a fencing concept to suit your individual needs. It's as simple as calling Metro Fence at (724) 695-8650.

Privacy Fence

Privacy fences allow you to enjoy the benefits of a good neighbor fence; both sides look the same. Forget painting or staining. You'll enjoy this investment for years to come.

Panel Privacy

Panel Privacy with Lattice

3" Board Privacy

3" Board Privacy with Lattice

Semi-Private Fence
Semi-private fences meet most local pool codes. These unique designs provide a visual screen while permitting air flow. The fences combine an attractive appearance with the functional safety benefit of no splinters, nails or sharp edges.