Fortress Gate -- Cantilever Slide Gate System

After many years of installing gates of every description, including conventional pipe frame and aluminum cantilever slide gates, Tymetal's engineers, in conjunction with some of the top installers in the fence industry, combined to develop a truly improved gate and gate system.

The result, the Fortress Gate System, is a fully adjustable, modular when required, cantilever slide gate system which outperforms any other gate available today. In fact, it leads the market.

Opening widths from 6 to 60 feet (or double gate widths from 12 to 120 feet) can be accommodated utilizing our cantilever slide gates. Wider openings can be accommodated with our box frame canted-wheel construction. The result, regardless of the gate design, is a rugged, high performance gate with high aesthetic appeal.

Measured in terms of service life and security, cost is moderate and maintenance minimal with quality unsurpassed in the marketplace. Dollar for dollar the intrinsic value of the Fortress Gate System is both measurable and justifiable. Repeat business is one of our measures of success.




Fortress Gate Systems are durable and strong by design. They combine the beauty and performance of aluminum with the strength of steel. The aluminum used for gate components are some of the strongest alloys commercially available combining strength and workability characteristics. Stainless steel cross brace cables provide additional strength and rigidity.

In order for an aluminum cantilever slide gate to operate easily, it must combine strength, rigidity and a smooth, gliding movement. With the Fortress Gate System, there is no sag and very little effort is needed to open or close the gate. The gate rides on rugged roller assemblies inside the track. The trucks glide on sealed ball bearings, and horizontal nylon wheels minimize side-to-side movement. The enclosed track shelters the truck assemblies from foul weatherincluding snow and ice, blown sand, dirt and sea spray. The continuous ease of operation allows the specification of electric operators with reduced power and load requirements.

The Fortress Gate System remains the only fully adjustable gate available. On our standard cantilever gates up to 22' single and 44' double openings, the adjustment of our patented post tensioning apparatus and the tension of the cross bracing allows precise alignment of both the vertical and lateral planes. This ensures a properly aligned gate for the life of the system. For longer

Every visible surface of the Fortress Gate System is aluminum, which resists staining and corrosion, and ensures that the gates will retain their superior appearance for years. All fasteners are of corrosionresistant steel and all other hardware of ferrous material which is heavily hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. In the Fortress Gate System where chain link filler is utilized, standard height chain link fabric which matches the adjoining fence is stretched and tied to the gate frame. If the added security of barbed wire is specified, extension arms are easily added to the system, either when the gate is first erected or at a later date.

If ornamental picket gates are required, Metro Fence has a wide range to offer. Vertical pickets on 2", 3", 411 1 611, 8" or 12" centers are available with other spacings on request. Finishes available are standard mill, baked on powder-coating or polyurethane enamel paint in standard or custom colors.

The Fortress Gate System has been thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory. Upon completion of the tests, the gate components were closely examined for wear and found to have no perceptible defects or hidden stress cracks. Based on this performance, all components of the Fortress Gate System are given a 5-year limited warranty. No other gate manufacturer of any gate system demonstrates this degree of confidence in their product.


The success behind the Fortress Gate System is the innovative frame designs and enclosed track/truck assemblies to fill all of your needs.