Pound for pound, Galvanized After Weave fabric (GAW) is the best value in chain link fencing!

GAW Chain Link Fence Fabric provides exceptional security and protection in commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational and residential fencing applications. GAW also provides the best protection against corrosion in even the most severe coastal industrial environments. Hot dip zinc galvanizing is a simple process with over 200 years of proven effectiveness in millions of applications worldwide.

There are other zinc galvanizing processes and other metallic coatings. None surpass GAW in durability and protection. It's a premium product providing superior corrosion-and rust-resistance that doesn't cost a premium price.

The Importance of GAW
GAW fabric is the only chain link fabric that's coated after weaving, ensuring that all surfaces of the base metal are protected. With GAW coatings, you have complete protection against rust and corrosion and an additional after coating treatment is applied to prevent white rust and early deterioration. With any pre-coated wire, the weaving process leaves the twist and knuckle tips bare from trimming. Cut ends may be dipped in other materials, but they are no substitute in protection for the thorough zinc coating of the GAW process.

The Durability of GAW
Fabric galvanized after weaving is manufactured to the demanding requirements of ASTM specification A 392, which offers two classes of coating: Class 1-1.2 ounces (366 g/m2) of zinc coating per sq. ft.; and Class 2-2.0 ounces (610 g/M2) Of zinc coating per sq. ft. The effective service life of a fabric is directly related to the coating thickness-the thicker the coating, the longer the life. A Class 2 GAW coating is unsurpassed among metallic chain link fence coatings in providing long-term barrier and cathodic protection. That's a value you can measure.

This is what happens to a scratch on galvanized steel. The zinc coating sacri- ices itself slowly by galvanic action to protect the base steel. This sacrificial action continues as long as any zinc remains in the immediate area.

The ""Self-Healing" of GAW
All zinc coatings have "self-healing," or cathodic properties which protect exposed core metal. Even after years of wear, the remaining zinc stays active. Of all metals used for protective coating of steel, zinc is the most electrochemically active, in all environments, from mild rural to harsh marine and heavy industrial.

In other words, zinc provides a far superior coating in both barrier and cathodic protection ... and GAW fabric provides the best of both.

The Finish of GAW
Committed to their product, GAW producers assure you of chain link fabric with a complete coating. A continuous vertical dip and retrieval process removes excess zinc and keeps joints from welding.

The Value of GAW
When specifying chain link fabric, insist on GAW produced in accordance with ASTM A 392. If you're looking for durability and rust-prevention, there's no better chain link fencing than GAW. Fewer long-term maintenance problems mean lower long-term costs and greater life-cycle savings. Pound for pound, GAW fabric is by far your best value.