GAW Benefits

  1. Zinc-based process offers the most active cathodic protection
  2. Heavier and more thorough coating with no flaking or bare trim ends
  3. Additional protective coating to prevent white rust
  4. All components of GAW fence systems are zinc coated
  5. Consistently meets ASTM specifications
  6. Established manufacturers produce consistent quality
  7. Proven technology for 200 years
  8. National availability, with warranties from many manufacturers
  9. Lower long-term costs
  10. Fewer long-term maintenance problems

Left: Precoated fabric with uncoated tips. With pre-coated fabric some manufacturers coat the bare cut-ends, but many don't. No one coats the ends with the same material that protects the rest of the fabric.

Right: GAW fabric. The GAW process guarantees that cut ends will be coated with the same quality material and protection as the rest of the fabric. The pre-coated process provides no such guarantee.

GAW Chain Link Fencing! A popular choice of landscape architects.
GAW Chain Link Fencing is resistant to defacement and offers total visibility. But when combined with landscaping, chain link provides an attractive visual barrier while maintaining security.